Goran Loncarevic: Physician, Radiologist
August 11, 1960

Dr Goran Loncarevic was born on August 11th 1960 in Rijeka.

He spent his early childhood at Bar (Montenegro). Later on, due to his father’s work, his family moved to Havana, Cuba (1964-67). This was his first experience in a foreign country.

He finished elementary school at Bar, Montenegro (1974). He received a Bachelor of Sciences and Arts in a Senior High School “Saul Delgado”, in Havana. This was during the second period of father’s mission in that country (1974-78). He also started and accomplished the first two years of Medical College (Playa Giron) at University of Havana. At this time, he had an opportunity to learn more about some of the Central and North American countries, by visiting for short periods of time Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Canada and USA. 

Dr. Goran Loncarevic continued studies of medicine in Belgrade and received a Medical Doctorate (M.D.) on April 24th of 1984, becoming one of the youngest graduated students of medicine in his class. 

He had been working as a General Physician from 1985 thru 1987.  

During his training/studies of Radiology he was specially interested in diagnostic ultrasonography, and so in 1989, 1990 and 1991 he finished courses in several Yugoslav centers, obtaining high evaluations which enabled him to specialize in Diagnostic Ultrasonography of ABDOMEN, INFANT HIPS, THYROID GLAND AND BREASTS.  

He received Master of Diagnostic Radiology (C.M.) from University of Belgrade in 1991.  

In period between 1991-1994 he has been working as radiologist in the Clinic and Hospital Centre of Podgorica (Montenegro). 

Just before imposing the United Nations sanctions in Yugoslavia, he was a candidate of the Government of the Republic of Montenegro for a 12 months advanced training in Madrid (with Professor Doctor Cesar Pedrosa).  

On April 21st of 1993 he was promoted to the head of the ultrasonic diagnostic department in the Clinic and Hospital Centre of Podgorica (which is the central health institution in Montenegro).

At the beginning of 1994, he started with private practice work. (Doctor’s Office “ARS MEDICA”). At the end of the same year (together with a colleague M.D. Vukovic, master of Gynecology) he founded private Doctor’s office "VERITAS MEDICA".  

In the January 2000, after 5 years of very successful work (and near 10 000 ultrasound examinations made), he founded a doctor’s office "Dr Loncarevic", with numerous enhancements included (such as the offer of color prints of diagnostic images). 

As regards to foreign languages, he speaks English, Spanish and Italian, and on this basis he is a member of the Association of the Scientific and Technical Translators of Montenegro. 

Family: married (wife Gordana, M.D.); has three children(Ana 22, Tamara 20 and Danilo 14 years old); father Djordje, from Podgorica, once a ship captain, longtime representative for "Prekookeanska plovidba" company, Bar, in Havana (Cuba), now retired; mother Biljana from Kistanje (near Knin), housewife; two brothers (Nenad, profesor of English language ,employed in UN WFP org., lives in Bar, Igor, architect, Miami (USA)) and sister Zlata, interpreter (Miami,USA).

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