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Ultrasound Diagnostic Clinic “Dr. Goran Loncarevic” was created on January 2000, and initialized with medical and diagnostic practice two months later.

A diagnostic facility is located at Dalmatinska Street No.39 in Momisici, one of the most quiet and patient-friendly areas of Podgorica, far away from heavy city traffic and noises. The existing atmosphere is like created to become a place where privacy and discretion for the patients are guaranteed.

All 50m2 of working environment have a thermostat -controlled temperature (pct.1), including: the front desk with a very comfortable waiting room (20m2) (pct.2,3,4); doctor’s office for the patient’s reception and observation, with ultrasound console (18m2); and finally two luxurious rest-rooms equipped for all patient’s needs. It is at the ground floor of the doctor’s Loncarevic family house (pct.5,6).

The space is designed to provide all kinds of in-office diagnostic services for adults and children (pct.7), on the most advanced 3D doppler ultrasound diagnostic equipment, Sonoace 8000 live, such as:

1. - Abdominal ultrasound exam (liver, gallbladder and the biliary system, pancreas, abdominal blood vessels, retroperitoneal space, kidneys and urinary system ,suprarenal glands, spleen)

2. - Ultrasound diagnostic for males (urinary bladder and prostate)

3.Female pelvis imaging (urinary bladder and gynecological (ultrasound)observation)

4. –  Breast ultrasound for early detection of breast cancer.

5.-  Neck ultrasound exam, including (thyroid) glands and            salival glands, blood  vessels (vascular exam) etc.

6.  - Obstetrical examinations with a 100% secure results for a fetal sex definition,from the 18th week of pregnancy.

7. Hip ultrasound exam for children.

8. - Other special sonographer exams required for children and adults, any location of human body

9. ((vascular , ductal and superficial (soft tissue)ultrasound examination of  other ( non-specified) locations ...)).

10. - The general Physician check-ups are also available.

By the use of a computer digitalalization colour technique (pct.8), it is possible to offer this new type of colour ultrasound images (prints) to the patients. In addition to giving the doctor the test results in a timely fashion it also provides a very efficient diagnosis. Having the necessary equipment on-site improved considerably the convenience and comfort, the patient can make one stop and be sure that any test or exam in our clinic will be performed efficiently and accurately and that the doctor will be reviewing the test results with the patient during the visit.

All exams are performed by the radiologist MD Goran Loncarevic, founder, owner and chairman of this facility. Nurse Anka Kopitovic assists him.

We’re sure that the cozy ambience and a polite word will make you to see us as a real friends and make your visits periodical.

Contact information:


Dalmatinska St., No. 39a,   
Momisici,                            81000 Podgorica,
Montenegro (Crna Gora).

Phone number: 


+382 81 206-906

Mobile Phone: +382 69 013-103

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